You loved me so much.

by Tiler

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A reunion over a loss
Written, performed, recorded, and documented by a collaboration of old friends


released July 5, 2017

Paul - guitars, bass, vocals
Jesse - drums, vocals, songwriting
Jaz - bass, editing, production
Kevin - vocals, studio engineering, production, mix/master
Dan - photography, videography, documentation, pizza



all rights reserved


paul stewart Gloucester Township, New Jersey

time is relative
money is a lie
do whatever you want

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Track Name: This Is What I Live For
Out here, nowhere, nothing to say
Hopeful in dying or maybe you'll stay
Over-flowing vessel of gray
Calling my name but fading away

I was told
When I get old
Life gets easier
But all I see is her

It's hard to believe
It's hard for me to leave
It's hard not to think
How could this happen
To us, to me, to you

I would hate you if I could
Put me in the dirt
Hear your voice again
Feel our warmth again
From the worms

I've never been so alone

Don't go on
Bury me
Track Name: This Is What Will Kill Me
Tired of choking on you
I've been walking around with your hand in my chest
I fall apart when it opens and closes

I never wanted to live without you
I had it all and I didn't know you'd take it back
You promised that it'd never end

Forever and ever
One way or the other

I don't know why you loved me in the first place
As long as you're telling a lie, continue holding your warm embrace
I wanted love, but now I just want us

If I could know why you chose to end it this way
If I could get back my old life, and lay with you like it's all okay
If I could stare you in the eyes
If I could just die
I'll be doing just fine

I had more questions
I couldn't see the stars
You were the answers
And I saw them all in your eyes
I saw the stars in a blue sky

Across the map
There's pieces of my heart
And I'm so close to perfect
And if it wouldn't be too hard
For you to give one back to me
I'll be doing just fine