by paul stewart

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There are several schools of thought when it comes to music, and I focus on music in particular because this is the liner note section of an album. Out of all these mindsets, I've never found one that says it is a good idea to put two bands in a room and write music as one. It's a stupid idea, and it really shouldn't be done; however, we don't play this style of music to follow rules of contemporary music or music in general.
This wasn't an album that we did just for fun (I can tell you this was a huge pain in the ass), but instead to prove a point: if you think it can't be done, it probably can. Possibilities are infinite and anyone who disagrees needs to pull his/her head out of his/her ass.
"Brothers" was another stance in our collective efforts to bring music back to "music" and this so called "scene." We aren't famous and we don't strive to be; we are kids with a message... and a terrible temper.


released March 16, 2013

You can blame Me Versus I and The Artwork Of for everything regarding this shit.

Artwork by Derick Rodriguez



all rights reserved


paul stewart Gloucester Township, New Jersey

time is relative
money is a lie
do whatever you want

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Track Name: Me Versus I - How's That Life on a Silver Platter Treating You?
Inside my head I felt you pry
Inside my heart I feel myself cry out
To what I miss the most
Inside my house we tried to make a life but all we found was a ghost
You traveled out west
Away from the Atlantic
Only to find the best of us was lost
You out on your mask, something I had lacked
But you never told me there was another heart on your other sleeve
Oh, why didn't you tell me
The air couldn't save you from what you'd become
And the water was tainted, and it has made you numb
While the earth was hollow and provided absolutely no stability
As the ocean washed us off the coast and the Sun burned it all away
Years after creating the life we tried to make for ourselves
You created that same life with somebody else
Still you watched me from shadowed eyes
Why did you leave me to pick up all of the pieces alone
Because nothing was true about me and you
And still you ate up all her lies and slowly I died inside
You believed everything that she told you without thinking this through God damnit I trusted you
There was something about it that kept her begging for more
She tried to sing along but she lost her choice in the war
All while the earth was hollow and provided absolutely no stability
As the ocean washed us off the coast and the Sun burned it all away
I will never forgive you
You're just a memory
I will never forgive you
You're fucking dead to me
Track Name: Me Versus I - Ribbons of Red
I will always remember what we had and have
Though sometimes we get lost and stray off of or path
But we always find a way back, the roads as rough as the ocean beside us
But our hearts are calm, they beat in unison inside of our chests
When I was weak, you put apart of you in me to keep me alive
These red ribbons, though apart tie us together
Through the roughest storms and darkest nights, we always found our way to the light I still believe in you and me
I wrapped your ribbon around my sword and hung it up upon my wall
Keep the key to my heart under your pillow at night, and keep it safe, I promise I will I still believe in you and me.
The Atlantic washed our footprints off the coast, now we're haunted by our memories rather than ghosts.